Book Review - Poe Dameron, Vol. 2: The Gathering Storm

Poe Dameron, Vol. 2: The Gathering StormPoe Dameron, Vol. 2: The Gathering Storm by Charles Soule
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After an uninspiring first volume, these issues up the ante as Poe must fight to survive against new antagonist Terex. In this volume we are introduced to the man behind the name and the circumstances that lead Terex to become the notorious figure he is today. Given the emphasis on this character, Poe's own character development takes a back seat, which is disappointing as we want to learn more about this charismatic figure.

This volume also features C3PO, but the writers handle him in an uneven fashion. First up, he gives Poe a long, explanatory spiel about why he needs his help - he wouldn't do that; Leia would understand the requirement, send him to Poe with orders to carry out this clandestine mission and the two of them would get the job done or die trying. No one would ask questions, that's how militaries work.

Second, Poe in the film comes across as someone who loves all living things, mechanical or not. His occasional mistreatment of Threepio and other droids is out of character. He'd never be rude to Threepio, no matter how dire the situation, because he's not like Han or Leia. It just didn't sit well with me.

I wonder the brief or reasoning behind the series storyline. We aren't learning anything much about Poe or his background or his relationships. We've read online that Leia is his hero, but he hardly interacts with her and never talks about her. He doesn't get to spend time with the Black Squadron, so we don't know how they were formed or what their special connection is. If the writers have to wait for the films to expand on the character, then I see no point of there being a series at all.

Entertaining as this series is, with moments of humor and genuine compassion shown by Poe, these continue to feel like fillers that help tide us through to the release of the next film, rather than fill in the gaps of character and story.

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