Book Review - Time Trial #1

Time Trial #1 (The CHRONOS Files)Time Trial #1 by Rysa Walker
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I have never read this author before, but the premise of this book sounded good which is why I downloaded it from Netgalley.

The first book is short and gets straight to the heart of the central conflict. 19-year-old Clio is going out into the world for the first time, but has to keep in mind her legacy of time travelling. Mystery abounds with the constant mention of her mother, but the complete absence of her in the pages. We also see that her life can be treacherous - if she sees someone carrying a similar time-travelling key, she's to make a quick getaway.

It's a little hard to get into the story at first because you're trying to figure out the mechanics of the world. There's mention of 'blinking' but I'm still not sure if that means a quick glimpse of another time, or it is the term used in this world for the act of time-travelling. I guess we will find out with subsequent issues.

It's a pleasant surprise to see that the main character is a woman of colour - that is extremely rare to read. It did bother me that she is painfully naive; she doesn't come across as a confident person in the normal course of things, so I wonder how she will hold up when it comes to the real action.

I thought the art was decent; clean and precise, making the comic an easy read. My biggest grouse would be that two of the white male characters were drawn so similarly it was hard to make out the difference between them. I lot of back and forth between some pages was required.

I enjoyed this issue and am really looking forward to the rest. I hope Clio gets out of her naivety quickly, because that is holding her back from being a compelling protagonist. Let's bring on another!

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