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Civil WarCivil War by Mark Millar
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I went through the entire gamut of Civil War stories - from 'The Road to Civil War', the 7-part 'Civil War'series, its many supplements as well as 'Civil War Frontline'. I have to say, I utterly loved most of this series.

A Superhero Registration Act is tabled at Congress, facilitated by an accidental massacre of 600 people, including several children by a group of young wannabe superheroes, the New Warriors.

This Act causes a rift between Captain America and Iron Man, the former vehemently opposes the act, while the latter condones and executes it. Iron Man's efforts to coax all heroes into following the law brings him deeper and deeper into collusion with unsavoury characters. The line between good and evil become blurred as action and reaction by all parties concerned become more and more violent and cause innumerable deaths.

The entire series is more involved with Iron Man, bringing him and his actions to the forefront. Captain America spends most of his time underground and off the page.

The main 7-part series is immensely enjoyable and poignant, but the many tentacles... not so much. The extended Marvel universe has a lot of characters, story arcs, etc. that are a reminder why a lot of people don't like comics. Some of the stories are tenuously linked with the main story which made tedious reads. Actually, I think some of those prints just are tedious, irrespective of the Civil War series.

The wider impact the series had is somewhat negated by future events, but that's expected - this is a comic book series, Peter Parker will not stay outed as Spider-Man for long, and particular hallmark heroes will not stay dead. It's the nature of the industry.

The impending film is both an exciting concept and a worrying one. Adaptations are hard and expectations for a beloved storyline will be high. There's a lot to look forward to. We just have to hope that the Russo brothers direct a worthy film.

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