Book Review - The End of the Affair

The End of the AffairThe End of the Affair by Graham Greene
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A stunning character study by the great author Graham Greene.

Bendrix is our protagonist, a writer of some success and he tells us this story. It's a wistful retelling of the events of an affair - a beautiful, but elusive affair with Sarah Miles.

Complicated Sarah is seen through his eyes, and later revealed to us through her journal and some letters. What a happy life they could have led, had Sarah not already been married. Henry, her husband, is looked upon with mere disdain by Bendrix. He's such an uninteresting character to him, but Sarah refuses to leave him.

The entire book is a roller-coaster ride of emotions as the two lovers sneak in moments of passion in between their duties to the outside world. Tie that in with their own complex feelings for each other. There's love, but there's jealousy as well.

Set against the backdrop of the War, this is an atmospheric and touching tale. We do not always root for any of the characters, because they are imperfect human beings.

Brilliant writing with tense and realistic scenes, this book is one that must be on everyone's must-read lists.

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