20 Years of Star Trek: Voyager - S01xE10

Ensign Lestat's TV Log, 04/07/15

State of Flux
Away team are on a planet, hunting for food. And we have now found the infamous Leola root. It's hideous and a recurring nightmare during meal times onboard.

Hello, beautiful! Tom has discovered a cloaked vessel orbiting them. Good heavens! It looks like a Kazon Nistram ship.

The away team are trying to beam away, but now Seska is missing. Chakotay's remaining on the planet to look for her. Looks like she's gone into one the caves, which is why all the signals were blocked.

Kazon are here in this cave, Chakotay has to be careful.

No sign of Seska yet.

Found her. They almost shot each other. She was looking for mushrooms.for Chakotay's favourite soup. Hmmmm... what's being implied here?

Chakotay's been shot by the Kazon, but Seska is able to take them out. They're heading back to the ship.

As C recovers, Seska brings him some delicious soup. Turns out she stole the soup from the kitchen. C's a proper Commander, but a thorough killjoy. He's really upset that he's been implicated in this 'crime'. Everyone's replicator privileges have been revoked. He's taking his Starfleet role seriously.

Turns out Seska and C are together. Correction, were together. She uses the old, not enough partners around you route to get C back. She's also attempting to invoke the power of jealousy by showing an interest in Harry.

Now the Kazon are sending out a distress call. I'm with Neelix, I don't believe them. But the Captain is always at the ready to help people and, to make a friend.

The team have boarded the Kazon ship. Have to admit, it's a distressing sight. The crew have... melded with the hull. It's scary!

Seska's on the away team, which does not bode well for us, trust me. She's located a live Kazon.

Looks like the Kazon were using some kind of technology which was not compatible. It appears to be Federation technology. But how?

The Kazon they've found is barely alive. His cells have all mutated.

The Captain is utterly shocked that Federation technology was found on the ship. She doesn't like the idea that someone from Voyager gave them the technology. Someone must have contacted them.

C doesn't like that T is implicating Seska.

Cap can't get her head around why anyone would try to betray the ship.

In Engineering. This is the rare time in Star Trek when an Engineer gives a deadline, and corrects the Captain who wants it sooner. Scotty set a bad example, but B'El holds her own, without being aggressive about it. I have always loved that exchange. It made me sit up and realise how to be in command.

Seska's unhappy about there being a 'concern' about her. She's been taken off her assignment because of it. C is great at attempting to make people feel better, but it's still not working on Seska.

Anyone get the feeling Seska has an ulterior motive to finding out when the Kazon is awake?

So someone sent out transmissions to the Kazon but was extremely adept at hiding their actions.

A Kazon ship is hailing the damaged Kazon ship.

Someone's just transported off the ship. It's Seska. She's on the Kazon ship. Pretending to retrieve the console. But she could very well be tampering with evidence, suggests Tuvok.

Now she's been injured. Frankly it doesn't look too bad, but I'm sure it is.

Carey's been called into the Captain's Ready Room. It's a rather frightening interrogation. I like how Carey's greatest worry seems to be offending B'Elanna.

Looks like he's been implicated in contacting the Kazon. A transmission was sent from his console.

Well, he's certainly not besties with Seska, as he's so pleased to throw her under the bus.

Ever the Starfleet officer, he accepts the Captain's decision to keep him confined to his quarters.

Cap's on Carey's side, C's on Seska's.

First Maje Cullah is going to be a thorn in their side for the rest of their time in this sector. He and his assistant are in Sickbay, shocked that the crew of Voyager volunteered their blood to help the dying Kazon survive. The Captain is proud of this act by her crew.

The two Kazon are studying the dying fellow. But, ho! They've gone and killed him. The Kazon have been kicked off the ship. Always thoughts the editing/ direction of this scene was very poor. Not enough urgency or proper angles, showing the assistant stabbing the patient, Tuvok striking the Kazon, Doc checking the patient and Cap whipping out her phaser. It had to have beem crisper and cleaner, but I'll put it down to the limitations of television at the time.

Now we're talking about Seska. Turns out she may have been surgically altered to look Bajoran, but is in fact a Cardassian.

Chakotay can not believe it.

B's team is ready to retrieve the console. Maje Cullah is being a pain. I agree with the Captain, I don't like you, Cullah.

J's properly impressed by B's speed. She is super pleased the job is done.

Turns out the console was a food replicator. It wasn't properly protected. It is without a doubt from Voyager - told you that bio-neural technology would be an important part of the show.

C's interrogating Seska in Sickbay. She insists she's Bajoran, but got a Cardassian bone marrow transplant, hence the missing markers in her blood.

She's brilliant at playing the romance angle. She's trying her best to convince C that all she's ever cared for is him.

So, looks like the interrogation was part of a plan between C and Tuvok. The bait is dangled for both Seska and Carey.

C and T are passing the time by playing cards in Engineering. Looks like Tuvok is winning.

B's got bad news, more Kazon are coming.

On cue, someone's hacking into the system. All signs point to Carey, but Chakotay knows better.

Seska tried to fake the fact that she was being framed. Turns out that was hogwash she gave about the transplant. The Doctor has the entire Bajoran medical database in his system, he knew the truth and had informed Chakotay beforehand.

Why did she do this? For C and for this crew. All because the Captain stood by the rules. But Seska being a Cardassian only knows one thing - power and powerful friends.

Great, she's just transported herself off to a Kazon ship. As much as the Captain wants to follow her, they have to get out of here.

C's really broken up about all this. He's asking Tuvok for guidance. He does feel better knowing Tuvok didn't see Seska for the traitor she was.

'Misery loves company, Tuvok.'

I've never liked Seska. Instantly disliked is more like it. One would hope this would be the end of her, but no such luck. I'm not sure what the writers were hoping to achieve with Seska, but I think she's one of the rare characters on this show who the writers didn't do justice to.

But now that we're rid of her, temporarily, tells delve in to some legends.


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