20 Years of Star Trek: Voyager - S01xE06

Ensign Lestat's TV Log, 04/07/15

Eye of the Needle
I haven't seen this one in a long time either. But, if I remember correctly, it's pretty heart-breaking.

Ooo, an exciting discovery! It looks like a wormhole.

A 1 in 4 chance that it may lead them to the Alpha quadrant.

I agree, Captain, a detour to get to the wormhole makes sense if there's a chance to return home.

The Harry Kim wormhole! Tom is an awesome friend for suggesting the name.

Wait, where's the wormhole? It should be in front of them.

Highest magnification, and the wormhole is just 30 cm in diameter. No way the ship can go through that.

That crushed look on the Captain's face. It kills me. I love that she turns to Tom, like he's an ally of some sort.

Witty repartee from Tom to defuse the tension.

Tuvok, always an optimist, they could try sending out a message through it.

The micro-probe is already sending telemetry. It seems the wormhole is in an advanced stage of decay.

What's up with this phase variance in the wormhole?

Does Tom sound a bit nasally to you?

Now the probe is stuck in the wormhole.

Wow, for the first time we see how desperate the Captain is to take her crew home.

The probe was scanned. Someone's at the other end of the wormhole.

In Sickbay now. I remember this. The Doc is now training Kes to become a medical professional.

I've never liked this officer who keeps ignoring the Doc. But the allegory is brilliant. There will always be those who live on the fringes of society.

Kes is intellectually curious. She's a voracious reader. And she's the nicest person on the ship.

So, someone is definitely scanning the probe.

They have only 72 hours before the probe is crushed. Enough time to use the probe as a message conduit.

Kim is so exuberant. Higher we go, the harder we fall.

We forget how young Kim is. He's obviously very attached to his family.

Here's the first of the continuity errors in the series. B'El's not seen her father since he left the family when she was 5. This will change later.

It's sad that B was never close to her mother. Harry looks right shocked to know no one's waiting at home for B.

H and B have successfully sent out a message through the wormhole.

I kinda like that moment when we're following the crew in silence as they wait for a return message.

A response is coming through. It's from the Alpha quadrant. I just got goosebumps when Tuvok said that.

The Captain is very gracious in accepting interruptions.

Oh dear, Captain seems to misunderstand Kes' intentions.

The Doctor is a misunderstood crewmember, suggests Kes. Love the Captain's expression.

Doc is brusque and doesn't get along with the crew. Oh dear.

We have a lovely allegory again. Who is a person? How should we treat someone's otherness?

Kim and B are trying to get Captain's message across. I like how with each attempt, Cap's introduction gets shorter and shorter.

Chakotay looks right tense as they wait to clear up the message.

What a beautiful smile Tom has on his face as he listens to the message.

Great, the Alpha quadrant person doesn't believe Voyager's in the Delta quadrant.

I see, so, he's a Romulan. Looks like the Romulan may be lying about his intentions.

Trust B to get angry about the Alpha quadrant person being a Romulan.

Her crew's thoughts are never far from her mind. Captain's gone to meet the Doc.

Poor Doc, got switched off without being asked.

I think it pained the Captain to say that he has become a full-fledged member of the crew.

Control over his own deactivation sequence. It's obvious the Doc never thought of this.

Now the Captain's been disturbed while she was sleeping. But hey, the Romulan is back.

He's still not sure about them being in the Delta quadrant.

Wow, listen to the lady you annoying Romulan.

Soothing words, indeed. J never stops short of making a tough decision.

I think the Captain is much more lonely than she's let on. I like how her words make her choke up. She's making me teary.

Looks like the Romulan is only interested in being convinced.

At least he's polite.

The wistful look on the Captain's face just makes me sadder.

A visual link is set up. I do love how Captain and Tom seem to have a silent camaraderie.

Nice move, the Captain uses the emotional angle to convince the Romulan to help them.

She's got through to him, he's going to double his efforts to help Voyager.

B running to say she wants to talk to the Captain in private. Poor Cap looks shocked.

Oh wow, B is suggesting she can transport the crew to the Romulan's ship.

Oh Captain, you're always making me weep. She is looking so hopefully at the image of Mark.

Kes finished reading all the text on human anatomy? She has an eidetic memory.

Poor Doc, he's not going to go with them to the Alpha quadrant. Kes looks properly upset by this turn of events.

Doc has such a simple request. It's scary thinking about the Doc spending an eternity on his own in the ship.

I like that the Romulan is excited by Torres' scientific breakthrough. He's a real scientist at heart.

Now we're transporting cylinders to his vessel. It looks like a very hairy ride.

Success! The Romulan is holding the cylinder.

Wait, now he's saying that they can't transport to his ship. Well, at least he's willing to be the guinea pig.

That phase variance is still getting in the way of their experiments.

They're transporting the Romulan. Looks really scary.

He's here on Voyager. Looks right perturbed by everything.

Oh dear, Tuvok, do you have to be a killjoy?

So the Romulan is from 2351, but they're in 2371. The wormhole is a rift in space and time.

Meeting time. Wait, Harry's suggesting it's a good idea to go back and live in the past?

Janeway's got her head-master look on.

Trust the Romulan, he's loyal to a fault. But, the man does have a heart.

Now C's suggesting the Romulan doesn't make any change to their mission. So it's not like they can never have entered the Delta quadrant at all.

I've always loved that touch of humanity in the Romulan. He wishes the crew to meet with him if they get back while he's still alive.

There was so much hope, and now the Romulan is gone.

Tuvok, do you ever have any good news? So the Romulan died in 2367, well before he had the chance to send the crew's messages to Starfleet.

This is the rare moment when B'Elanna is the one trying to be optimistic. She's suggesting he left a will for the message to be sent to Starfleet. But it doesn't seem like it would be possible

The Captain's really struggling to fight back the tears.

Back in Sickbary, the Lieutenant is back. Gets a good dressing down from the Doc.

Oh, it's Sir now, is it, Lt.?

Captain Janeway had little to do with that, Doc. Kes wants you to be believe you're part of the crew.

I always found it a bit odd to end this heart-breaking episode on such a personal note. The Doc asking Kes for a name seems out of sync with the over-riding plot, but it is part of his series arc.

This episode has always been difficult, because it's so heart-breaking. But, watching it now, I'm amazed at how much the Captain struggles with the episode's failure to take them home. We always think of Harry wanting to get home, but the Captain feels it the most, I suppose.

There's just no denying that Voyager is a show so full of heart. It's easy to fall in love with the show and the crew. And, I only just realised that Neelix wasn't in this episode at all. That is weird.

Next up, a crime thriller starring my beloved Tom. I love this episode to bits.


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