Paul Walker - Always in our Hearts

Ensign Lestat's Personal Log, 02/12/2013

At the risk of looking like I'm just another person jumping on the bandwagon, I write this very short entry. Yesterday I was awoken by three words 'Paul Walker died.' I fully expected myself to shrug off that information the way I usually do with celebrity deaths - that's terrible, heart goes out to his family, taken before his time. But I wasn't prepared for how I would really end up feeling - heartbroken.

Paul Walker was best known for his role in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise, and till today I didn't realise just how far-reaching he and the franchise was. When I went to work this morning, it was still with a heavy heart, but the fact that this grief was shared by the many disparate individuals I work with floored me. In a million years I don't believe Paul Walker would have known just how diverse his fanbase was, and how beloved he was. So many people on Twitter and at my workplace called him 'My favourite actor'. He may never have set the world stage alight, but he set alight the hearts of thousands in distant corners of the world, and all of those hearts feel a void with his passing.

He was a beautiful man, of whom we never heard a bad word said, and it is a great loss for his and his friend's young families now that they are gone. I've only just begun to understand what a quiet impact he had on me while he was alive - the many times his gleeful performances sparked the creative fire in me, the way his bountiful enthusiasm became a part of all his roles and filled me with joy.

Paul Walker's power was that he was magnetic. It was difficult not to fall in love with him. His startling blue eyes, that exuberant smile, and the sheer enjoyment he appeared to have in acting and racing. He made us all feel alive.

It's hard to get all my feelings down. He touched so many lives, and he would never have known it. He came, he saw and he conquered our hearts. And now he's gone. He loved cars, and unfortunately, he died in one. How it all happened, we do not know. But what remains are his movies. What remains is how he made us all feel. What remains is how we will always remember him. This is immortality.

Rest in Peace Paul Walker - the heavens are alight with a bright blue star.


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