Ensign Lestat's Cricket Log, 23/11/08
I intend to keep this blog short - it is essentially to let off steam. It's been ages since I wrote. But that's because I've been rather busy and also, not much has irked me.

However, now I'm irked. Why? Simple - Gavaskar gets on my nerves, and on more than one occassion has proven himself to be a complete idiot. He has one agenda, and that is to get after the Aussies. I don't know why, but that's just what he likes doing.

No one is perfect, the Australian team never said they were perfect, but this guy will pick up non-issues and make a big deal out of it. And he absolutely loves picking on Punter. I have no idea what Rick has done to earn his wrath, but he will keep on and on and on about every move Rick makes. Jesus! Get a life! Your team is winning so deal with it. Of course, being a commentator he shouldn't have a team. But hey, who said these people were proper commentators anyway.

All I can say is, I completely agree with Rick when he says Gavaskar wasn't angelic in his playing days, and to add to that he is even less so now, since he's retired and not answerable to anyone. It just seems rather unbecoming of someone as senior (in age and cricketing experience) as him to have a go at players who have nothing to do with him. As I said earlier, he needs to get a life.

I hope the Australians don't read too many articles written by (non) experts on all things cricket. They've lost ONE series in five years, there's hardly any reason to panic. Sometimes these things just happen.

In conjunction with this, I'd like to say, it was nice to see Australia win against New Zealand, though I felt the Kiwis could have done better. I'm really happy for Mitchy, getting a five-for is always great. Stuart Clark bowled rather well, as well, so that was good. And, of course, Binga got his 300th wicket and that is something to be really proud of. I really hope he comes out of all his problems unscathed and continues doing what he does best.


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